Friday, August 13, 2010

Flower Forest Barbados A Lush Tropical Paradise

Flower Forest lies within the lushest part of Barbados. In fact many are known to say "if it wont grown in Flower Forest it wont grow anywhere" This is because the land possesses its own green thumb so to speak. The tropical rains roll in from the Atlantic over the hills of the Scotland releasing their showers of blessings on this wondrous place. The rich soil that lie bellow is is rich melody of sediments that once lay at the bottom of the ocean floor.

Flower Forest is located in the Parish of St Thomas and was once the site of a sugar plantation known as Richmond Plantation and the surrounding area is still know as Richmond today. It is 850 feet or 270 meters above sea level.

Flower Forest opened in December 1983 and suffered considerable damage in a fire in 1990. A new reception was constructed at that time. In the reception one can view a mural depicting several aspects of life in Barbados. These include a Sugar Mill & Chattel Houses. Also in the reception you can see the copper taiches (sugar boiling vats) that ties to the properties days of being a sugar plantation.

Flower Forest Is easy to find and is a quick 8 minute drive from Harrisons Cave, with many signs to help guide you on your way. It is also included in several of our tours at Glory Tours. For a 5% discount on our tours we invite you to use the promotional code bajantourgirl

The Forest Guide advises that most persons spend between 30-45 minutes in the Forest but photo and nature enthusiast may well spend hours enjoying the atmosphere. Good foot wear such as sneakers or a all terrain type shoe is recommended especially on rainy days when paths can get a little slippery. There are a few benches along the way as well as a gazebo with chairs where you can stop and enjoy the views. The main path is also suitable for visitors confined to wheelchairs.

Many of the trees and flowering plants are conveniently labeled for you, displaying the botanical name, common name, family and country of origin. The path itself is made up of several sections each carrying a different name. There is: Don's Downhill, Colin's Corner, Brown's Bypass, Fritz's Fruits, Ward's Way, Livi's Lookout, Dennis Drive, Duncans Dip, Rogers Rough Road, Mary.s Meadow, Wills Walk, Helen's Heliconias, Palm Walk, and Richard's Rise.

Each part of the trail will have something special to offer weather it is a spectacular view, lush rain forest with towering palms, vibrant tropical blooms or even a fluttering hummingbird sipping the nectar of a delicate flower oh and lets not forget those mischievous green monkeys also call the forest their home so keep an eye out and you might just catch them at play. It is all spectacular and well worth a visit or two.


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