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Barbados Military History Part 5: The Garrison Historic Area Part 2

The Garrison was rapidly expanded due to the renewed outbreak of war with France in 1803
In 1802 marked the beginning of the expansion of St Ann's Garrison beyond that which had been called the Kings Boundary.During 1802 and 1803 roughly 48 acres of land was purchased along with 8.5 acres for the General Hospital that was built between 1803 and 1806

The Ordnance Hospital and houses for its medical staff were constructed on the West side of the Savannah at the top of Bush Hill in 1790.

Bush Hill House was purchased as a residence for the commanding officer Now known as the George Washington House

The Main Guard was built in 1804 and the adjacent barracks followed in 1812

Where the Light and Power now occupies was once the Military Stables, storehouse and then the used as a workshop for the Royal engineers.

Construction on the East Side of the Savannah did not start until 1805 while Barbados was threatened by an attack of the French. This threat was thwarted by admiral nelsons timely visit to Barbados and the victory he won at the battle of Trafalgar. Even after this there were concerns of the long term safety of the island and in 1807 materials where supplied and three brick barracks were constructed by slave labour to house an additional 800 men.

The Engineers department stretched  almost to what is now known as the Bay Street Esplanade and at its northern boundary a long narrow pond ran parallel to the sea shore and turned sharply eastward bisecting bay street. The Army built a bridge which remained until 1884 called the Barrier Bridge to facilitate communication with Bridgetown

In 1804 The Commissariat rum store was built in preparation for the Royal Navy Dockyard on the road leading to Gravesend and could store 500 casks. A small guard room was also constructed to house a guard for the Rum Store. Now known as the Island Inn Hotel

In 1806 a Naval Hospital was constructed to sever the Naval Dockyard and remained open until 1816
when the dockyard shut down and the naval base was moved to Antigua. All remnants of the Dockyard and hospital were destroyed in the 1831 hospital

In 1817 the new prison was built in Dalkeith on just over 6 acres it was later expanded in 1853. This building now houses the Barbados Museum

Following the Hurricane of 1832 and the cessation of the wars with France the Garrison ceased to expand and started to decline.

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