Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Barbados Military History Part 2: The Dutch Atack Barbados

In 1665 the English and Dutch were at war and Dutch Admiral Michiel de Ruyter was on a mission to destroy as much English shipping as he could in the Caribbean before returning to Holland.

On the 29th of April 1665 his fleet consisting of 12 battle ships arrived in Barbados. Early in the morning de Ruyter rounded the point and entered Carlisle Bay and he must have been ecstatic with the number of ships that lay in the bay for him to destroy. Barbados had however been pre warned about the impending attack and were well prepared. As de Ruyter entered the bay the forts and guns around the bay along with the guns from other armed merchant vessels opened fire. After an hour and a half his flagship was practically helpless and he decided to give up the attack. His fleet had been so badly damaged that he withdrew never to return again.

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