Friday, May 28, 2010

Bajan Dialect: lickmout, dooflicky and ting

Assified - Stupid

Bassa-bassa - A fight

Blue vex - Extreemly annoyed

Botheration - A problem

Bram - Raucous party

Breck neck - Excessive speeding

Broughtupsy - How a child is raised

Bumper - Backside

Caffuffle - Confused

Catspraddle- Knocked out

Crab-mash- Press cothes badley

Cuh-dear - An expression of pitty

Dah-fuh-lick-yah - A  taunt meaning serves you right

Dooflicky - A special event

Ducks guts - To be seriously introuble

Effin - Used in place of if

Fedderation - A gathering of noisey people

Gittima - Hand me down clothes

Hard-ears - Disobedient

In-pottuh - In serious trouble

Invitement - Invitation

Leffin - Leavig

Lickmout - One who vents and gossips

Mob-a-ton - Plenty

Mockstick - A person not to be taken seriously

Obzocky - Not fittingly attired or out of place

Onliest - The only one

Pompaste - To show off

Paro - Drug addict

Poor-great - Pretending to be of a higher social standing

Poor-racky - Extremely slim

Pouncy - Bold

Rest-off - To take a break

Wulloss - Signifies disappointment

Wutless - Worthless (usually meaning sexually promiscuous)

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