Monday, June 6, 2011

Hello from the Bajan Tour Girl: Time to begin exploring Barbados again

Much time has passed between my last post and this one. It was a very busy winter season for this Bajan Tour Girl and all of us at Glory Tours. I have missed my time blogging and researching the many rich and colorful stories that are spun together in such a marvelous fashion to make my Island home Barbados what it is today.

A very dear friend has inspired at least two of my upcoming blogs. They are both extremely important parts of our history and culture and by omitting them I would be doing not only myself but them a great injustice.

They have both in their own way, along with those that have represented them the best, added much flavor not only to Barbados but the Caribbean as whole. Leaving them out of the story would be like trying to mix a “Rum and Pepsi” or a “Rum and Coconut” without the Rum. It simply cannot be done.

What are these two things that I speak of you may wonder. They are of course Cricket lovely cricket, the sport of the Caribbean and Calypso the songs of the people.

LOL off the buy some books tomorrow (smile)

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